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Over 4 years on the road through  76 countries on 7 continents the journey continues.                       
Atacama Desert Chile
                         BMW F800 Gs
As I update this page on January 2013 I have had only minor issues with the bike, the front discs had worked their way loose, the front steering bearing and my alternator failed all fixed with no problems under warranty at no exra cost. I have had the EWS warning light come on a few rimes but have left it for a little while and it has started again. Other than that I have had no other issues in over 100 000 kilometres.


                          BMW Touratech Panniers.
Though the panniers are not totally waterproof  they have been pretty good.
                          Remus Exhaust.
7 kg's lighter than the original.
                          BMW High front screen.
that wasnt sufficient as the high screen put the buffetting from the wind right on my headline and with my bad neck was not good at all, I added a KTM raiser to the screen and now it is perferct.

                           BMW bashplate and crash bars.
I couldn't tell you how many times I have hot the bottom bash plate on all manner of things so im sure it has been worth its weight in gold.


I have changed tires 7 times now they all have their positives and negatives in egards to grip but the only ones I wouldn't recommend is the Pirellis and the only reason for that is they are soft and at around 7000 kilomrtres needed replacing, great for tight turning roads but on a long distance adventure where costs add up 500 bucks that often is just to expensive.

                                                                          Will update more as I go
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